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Los Angeles Times Love Affair with the Taliban

Yesterday morning I read this disturbing article on the MSNBC website: Afghan Taliban publicly execute woman accused of adultery; men cheer Today, the Los Angeles Times Front Page has this article discussing the beauty of Taliban poetry: If you want … Continue reading

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Medicare Reform and the Lies About it

Over the last year, the Democrats used Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan as the tool to scare senior citizens to vote for them. The device worked in several congressional races and left muted any further attempts … Continue reading

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The Los Angeles Times: View from the biased side

I have complained about the liberal bias of the Los Angeles Times in recent posts, The Rubio Exile, and More half-baked truths from the LA Times. Today’s editorial displays this bias by contradicting itself in the same paragraph: Engaging in self-caricature, the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times ramps up higher tax scheme

I submit as evidence of the Los Angeles Times tax-hike conspiracy the following: Yesterday the Times editorial board declared that we must invest (i.e. increase taxes) in California’s future. Today’s front page headline is “Voters back tax hike for schools“. 64% of voters polled favored tax … Continue reading

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More half-baked truths from the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times editorial board is arguing for higher state taxes again. The Times always forgets to mention how high we are already taxed. Here is a copy of my letter to the editor: More HALF-TRUTHS from the LA TIMES. The … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune derails Los Angeles Times

Route 66 first connected the metropolises of Los Angeles and Chicago in 1926. A more recent connection is the ownership of the two cities major newspapers. The Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times are both under the umbrella of the Tribune Company. It is easy to see that … Continue reading

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Dean Chemerinsky decries Partisanship that he Promotes

The Dean of the University of California at Irvine Law School, Erwin Chemerinsky, has written an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times decrying the potential for partisanship in the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. By complaining about the partisanship, Dean … Continue reading

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