Los Angeles Times Love Affair with the Taliban

Yesterday morning I read this disturbing article on the MSNBC website:

Afghan Taliban publicly execute woman accused of adultery; men cheer

Today, the Los Angeles Times Front Page has this article discussing the beauty of Taliban poetry:

If you want to read the whole thing, the link can be found here:

Poetry of the Taliban’ elicits both anger, astonishment

The Times finally got around to somewhat acknowledging what happened to the poor woman:

Afghan woman accused of adultery apparently executed on video

They waited until 9:57 this morning to post the article about the Taliban execution on their website, about 23 hours after being reported by MSNBC. You would think the Times would have some moral compass regarding poetry versus atrocities. Of course that would get in the way of the paper’s wish to make nice with our poor mis-understood enemies. For the Los Angeles Times, it’s another example of ‘whistling past the graveyard’ of their own demise as a credible newspaper.



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One Response to Los Angeles Times Love Affair with the Taliban

  1. UPDATE: The LA Times printed the article regarding the execution of the Afghan woman in its Monday edition on page A5. One of the authors of the article is Laura King. This is the same reporter responsible for the poetry piece that was published on page A1 on Sunday. I wonder if she has a sense of the absurdity regarding the timing and placement of her two articles.

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