Is Patience in Politics a Virtue?

Syndicated columnist, Michael Barone, observes the seething discontent and anger in the 2010 class of Republicans over the need to confront all things Obama. From the Affordable Health Care Act to crony capitalism, the Republican House and their supporters in the blogosphere want action now. But as Mr. Barone points out, controlling only one-third of the mechanism needed to make change in government, the Republicans must wait until another election to reverse the tide of soft despotism that the Democrats are foisting upon us.

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Thus does patience become a virtue? I believe so. The character of the American people will not allow one party to dominate their lives. The election of 2010 proved that we went too far with one-party rule. The 2012 election may swing the country back towards individual freedom and liberty, or it may postpone the reckoning. But that day must come before we surrender ourselves to a benevolent government that tells us what is in our best interest.

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