Conservatives spat over Newt

Jeffrey Lord has a beef with Elliott Abrams. Both of these gentlemen worked in the Reagan Administration. Lord was in the political office while Abrams was an assistant secretary of state. Apparently they had a good relationship while working under Reagan. So why are they at such odds now?

President Ronald Reagan meets with Congressman...

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Abrams penned an article for National Review that pointed out that while Newt Gingrich voted with the Republican caucus in support of Reagan’s anti-Soviet initiatives, he posited speeches on the house floor that declared Reagan’s stance toward the Soviet Union was doomed to fail.

Into the breech steps Jeffrey Lord. First, Mr. Lord states that since Elliott didn’t bring his concerns to the White House political office, at least as far as he knew. Then, on the next day in the American Spectator, Jeffrey claims that Abrams distorted one of Gingrich’s floor speeches.

Not to take this lying down, the National Review had Rich Lowry respond to Mr. Lord’s assertions. Mr. Lowry provides evidence that Newt did indeed disparage Reagan during his floor speech. Rich also refutes Lord’s claim that Abrams was producing a hit-piece for Romney.

I won’t speak to the matter of the truth about either Abrams’ or Lord’s assertions. But what this spat shows is that Newt Gingrich is a lighting rod of controversy. He is generally loved and appreciated for all his accomplishments, but he is also the subject of derision over his wildly exaggerated view of himself.

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