Medicare Reform and the Lies About it

Over the last year, the Democrats used Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan as the tool to scare senior citizens to vote for them. The device worked in several congressional races and left muted any further attempts at real reform.

Recently, PolitiFact declared this strategy as their lie of the year. The “eliminates Medicare” rhetoric from Joe Biden was declared false, while Wisconsin Democrat Shelly Moore’s “eliminate Medicare” line was given a “Pants on Fire” rating. I guess being Vice President earns you a little more respect.

The day after Christmas, the Chicago Tribune came out in support of the new and improved Paul Ryan-Ron Wyden Medicare reform plan. The major difference is letting seniors choose to stay in a traditional Medicare plan or opt for a private insurance plan that would be subsidized by government subsidies. Traditional Medicare would continue until this plan is implemented in 2022.

Then yesterday, the traditionally liberal Los Angeles Times endorsed the Ryan-Wyden plan. Oops, the LA Times refers to it as the Wyden-Ryan plan (Democrats first mind you). At least when Democrats start demonizing this plan, they will be criticizing one of their own; Wyden is a Democrat Senator from Oregon.

I don’t think we will see any Democrat affiliated commercials showing Ron Wyden throwing granny off a cliff, but he will become the pariah of Democrats that want to get elected by scaring seniors into voting for them.

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