Misunderstanding Progressive Thought

David Brooks is the so-called conservative op-ed writer for the New York Times. Occasionally he lives up to that standard. In yesterday’s paper he mused on the Obama administration’s shifting narrative when dealing with current economic difficulties.

They first related the 2008 recession to the Great Depression and how F.D.R. responded to it. Then they switched to the progressive era of the early 20th century. Each of these times resulted in larger institutions of government. David uses an analogy that the progressive era has passed from youth to middle-age. The vibrant engine of progressive thought has morphed into a bloated welfare state that seeks to protect the status quo.

Into this situation comes the Obama team that seeks to expand the gifts of government without the means to pay for them. In fact, debt transferred to our children is not a problem for Obama. Requiring people to be responsible for their behaviors is not necessary in a progressive state.

The Obama theme for the upcoming election will rely on convincing voters that the Republican candidate will eliminate Medicare and Social Security, trample on the rights of workers, and rollback environmental regulations. He will trumpet the results of increased government spending with false economics, and still claim he will reduce the nation’s debt. The President is not afraid to gamble away the future of our country, as long as it’s not his money.

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