Another Lesson on Why Republicans Lose

California voters passed an initiative in 2010 that took the redistricting process away from the state legislature and put it in the hands of a citizens commission. The promise of this initiative was to end the process in which legislators would put themselves in safe districts. The goal was to make seats competitive. Somewhere along the way, this message got lost.

Under the rubric of creating “communities of interest”, the commission heard from supposed non-partisan groups that wanted to create or maintain their interest. The authors of an article published by the non-profit ProPublica show how Democrat politicians gained the process by creating essentially fake interest groups. Unfortunate Republicans who believed in the non-partisan process got screwed.

The article is here: How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission

While the Democrats put great effort into influencing the election commission, the Republicans naively believed they could trust the redistricting process, and improper influence would not interfere with the decision. California’s Republicans must learn, in a state that includes Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Henry Waxman, playing fair is not part of the game.

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