Newt being too Newt part two

Newt Gingrich speaks in West Des Moines

Image by via Flickr

Yesterday in the Washington Post, George Will added his two cents to the Newt Gingrich comment regarding Mitt Romney’s early career at Bain Capital. He admonishes Newt for his work at Freddie Mac as their “historian”. Then Mr. Will takes Gingrich to task for saying that Romney has been “bankrupting companies and laying off employees” at Bain.

George brought up the same reference to Joseph Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” that John Podhoretz wrote the day before in the New York Post. Before you start thinking plagiarism, there is a difference. Podhoretz was quoting Newt about the dynamics of capitalism in a 1998 Inc. magazine article. George Will reminds us that Ted Kennedy used the same tactic as Gingrich just did in the 1994 Massachusetts Senate campaign. Both writers remind us that the Newt attack should have come from the Democrats, not a fellow Republican.

Mitt Romney at one of his presidential campaig...

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Newt recently took a pledge to not attack his Republican opponents. Now the media will be parsing everything he says about one of his rivals. Good luck with the pledge. It is the battle within Newt’s brain that is the problem. He has so many ideas that he can’t remember which side of the ideological fence he sits on.


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One Response to Newt being too Newt part two

  1. kev07wan says:

    I think Newt just doesn’t want anyone to attack, because there’s so much to attack him for..

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