My Favorite Shirt

This is my favorite shirt. As you can see it is an old, tattered Abercrombie & Fitch tee-shirt from the early 1990’s. The cotton is super soft and comfortable. The shirt is long with a short slit on the bottom sides. The shirt tail is about 1 inch lower than the front. The back side below the neck is reinforced and includes a hook-strap.

I bought this shirt back in the days when A&F was still a niche supplier of comfort clothes for the average weekend outdoorsman. Today, the brand is known for catering exclusively to teens and young adults through overly sexy advertising campaigns and shirtless-male store greeters. The company has rapidly expanded by inventing the Hollister Co. brand geared toward a teenage audience.  There is a city in California by the name of Hollister. A&F threatened to sue city businesses that put the word Hollister on their clothing. Can you imagine a resident being sued for selling a “Welcome to Hollister” tee-shirt in their hometown? A&F did.

My point here is that companies change to suit their business model. A&F found a boatload of customers by targeting sex-hungry youths. While I miss the high quality of the old Abercrombie, I can move on to other suppliers that still see me as a valued customer. Amazingly, one of the best is also one of the cheapest. Izod sells superior cotton clothing at discount prices in outlet stores. Their marketing is geared toward the sporting lifestyle that A&F left behind. Where one competitor leaves, another steps in to take its place. This is one of the great benefits of capitalism. A benefit that no centrally planned government can understand.

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