Amanpour leaving “This Week” on ABC

It was announced today that Christiane Amanpour will step-down from her post at “This Week” on ABC at the end of this year. She will return to CNN while still retaining ties to the alphabet network.

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The spin put on this announcement is that she is leaving to return to international reporting, which is her forte. The truth is Christiane did not cut it as a political talk-show host. The ratings slid from second to third during her tenure, falling further behind NBC’s “Meet the Press” and dropping below CBS’ “Face the Nation”. When you can’t beat Bob Schieffer for second in a three-horse race, you’re out.
For the time-being, George Stephanopoulos will come back to anchor the show with Jake Tapper having a larger role. Hopefully ABC News will realize they should have given the show to Tapper in the first place. He would beat Stephanopoulos hands down.

P.S. – At the time of this post, 6:07 PM Pacific time, the ABC News website has no mention of Amanpour leaving the show.

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