China Capitalizes on our Putin Outrage

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, echoed doubts about free and fair elections in Russia. Vladimir Putin accuses the Obama administration of stirring the protest movement in his country, and adds that foreign money is trying to influence internal politics.

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The New York Times believes that Putin is using this as a scapegoat for the poor showing his United Russia party received at the elections, although it still won a majority of the seats in parliament.

The Hong Kong based Asia Times Online is watching the reaction of China to this hubbub between old adversaries. The Chinese are practically gleeful over our fallout with Russia. They are strengthening their alliance with Moscow as we let our diplomatic “reset” sputter about.

While I believe that Mrs. Clinton has legitimate concerns regarding the Russian elections, she gave Putin what he needed to save face in his homeland. She handed him an outside agitator on a silver platter. Russians are most skeptical of outsiders trying to influence their country just as we are.

In the end, it’s Obama’s project of appeasement toward our adversaries that has utterly failed. Relations with Russia are much worse under Obama than they ever were under George W. Bush. Former eastern-bloc countries rightfully worry that America no longer has its back. Iran and Syria are used as pawns against American influence in the middle-east. And all because we have a President who believes he is so great, the world would bow to his goodwill.






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