The Climate Change “Circus” Rolls On

The “esteemed” climate-change scientists, wacky environmentalists, and fawning “journalists” are meeting in sun-soaked Durban, South Africa this week. Even the climate-change promoting magazine, The Economist, calls this love fest a “circus”.

One item not on the agenda but hanging over the conference like rotting fruit is the latest release of e-mails dubbed “Climategate Part II”. More extensive than the first release, this batch shows that a few proponents of man-made climate change took sway over the larger group of scientists working on climate projects. The policy-making summaries were manipulated, and the conclusions were designed to fit their goals.

California is the only state and the United Kingdom is the only country to impose CO2 emission targets. The argument that man-made carbon dioxide is the major factor involved with the temperature increase over the last century has been questioned in recent studies.

When the history of the 21st Century is written, let us hope that a few climate-change “scientists” did not rule over the rest of us.

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