Andy Stern: China’s Superior Economic Model –

In an Op-Ed in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, the former head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Andy Stern, visited China where he was wowed by their superior economic model. Andy Stern: China’s Superior Economic Model –

In today’s Wall Street Journal, the editorial board responds with China’s Hard Landing. The Chinese people are fighting inflation while property values are tanking. This could be worse than our 2008 meltdown because, for us, inflation was not a problem.  The board does not mention the coming disaster of China’s changing demographics. Their one-child policy is leading to a predominantly male and older population that will suck resources from their economy.

It should not come as a surprise that Andy Stern topped the list of White House visitors during the first six-months of the Obama administration. Andy’s goals mesh with the President’s desires to redistribute wealth through a government-run economy. Andy sees China’s economic policy as a model for getting there. God help us. If our leaders try to take us down the China road then we will be the slaves of the ruling class.

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One Response to Andy Stern: China’s Superior Economic Model –

  1. China has no intellectual property rights and no individual liberties – what they do have is cheap labor and a lot of manufacturing jobs. They produce stuff, we do not. That is where the trouble is…

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