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Slicing the Income Pie Versus Growing the Wealth Pie

In preparation for the upcoming Presidential election, we have heard stories about how the rich got richer, the middle-class was in stagnation, and the poverty-rate increased over the last 3 years. In response we have heard the President say he … Continue reading

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Medicare Reform and the Lies About it

Over the last year, the Democrats used Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan as the tool to scare senior citizens to vote for them. The device worked in several congressional races and left muted any further attempts … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Progressive Thought

David Brooks is the so-called conservative op-ed writer for the New York Times. Occasionally he lives up to that standard. In yesterday’s paper he mused on the Obama administration’s shifting narrative when dealing with current economic difficulties. They first related the … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2012

I am going to put some predictions into writing for the coming year. Then, if the Mayan calendar just expires and we are all still here this time next year, I will review how good or bad my predictions were. … Continue reading

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Another Lesson on Why Republicans Lose

California voters passed an initiative in 2010 that took the redistricting process away from the state legislature and put it in the hands of a citizens commission. The promise of this initiative was to end the process in which legislators would … Continue reading

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Holder’s DOJ at War with Climate Skeptics

Eric Holder just can’t help himself when it comes to stomping on liberty. His latest targets are climate-skeptic bloggers that received a link to the Climategate II e-mail file from an entity known as FOIA. While these bloggers are not … Continue reading

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Kick the Can or Kick the Boehner

Much has been made of the Senate voting for a two-month payroll tax-cut extension while the House insists on making the cuts last a full year. Even President Obama asked for a full year extension before he agreed to the short … Continue reading

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