The Los Angeles Times: View from the biased side

I have complained about the liberal bias of the Los Angeles Times in recent posts, The Rubio Exile, and More half-baked truths from the LA Times. Today’s editorial displays this bias by contradicting itself in the same paragraph:

"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...

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Engaging in self-caricature, the Republicans insisted on no new taxes, a posture they modified slightly to propose $250 billion in new revenues, some offset by their other proposals, including making the Bush-era tax cuts permanent. Democrats, meanwhile, irresponsibly resisted meaningful cuts in domestic programs. Hobbled by their dogmatic opposition to taxes, the Republicans were arguably more intransigent.

In the first sentence, the Times mentions that Republicans modified their stance on tax increases; while in the last sentence they claim that they are “more intransigent” than the Democrats. The Democrats on the committee never offered a proposal to cut anything. They wanted all of the 1.2 trillion deficit-reduction to come from new taxes. Just like the missing budget proposals over the last 3 years, the Democrats are MIA when it comes to proposing anything but higher taxes.

Of course, according to the LA Times, those dastardly Republicans share more of the blame for this fiasco. The editors should take off their blue-tinted eyeshades.

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