For Sale: Taiwan; Price: $1.14 Trillion; Contact: Barack Obama

Asia Times Online mentions an op-ed in the New York Times that proposes we stop providing military assistance to Taiwan in exchange for the United States bonds held by China.

This would be a laughable matter except for the course taken by Obama on his recent Asian tour. The President increased military sales and cooperation with the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and Singapore. Obama may claim he was concentrating on the South China Sea until you consider he sold F-16C/D fighter jets to Indonesia; the same ones he refused to sell to Taiwan.

The Asia Times article also makes the case that President Obama is politically at odds with the right-wing regime in Taipei. While Obama sent Korean, Columbian, and Panamanian free trade agreements to Congress for approval, the agreement with Taiwan has been shelved. No top Obama administration official has traveled to the island nation, or mentioned Taiwan in any speech on Asia policy.

If Obama even considers such a maneuver, he will forever damage international relations. The betrayal would be felt by all of our friends and taken advantage of by our enemies. It’s unfortunate that the New York Times would give space to such a crazy idea. But that has come to be expected of the self-proclaimed “paper of record”. The author, Paul V. Kane, is a former fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. I wonder why he is no longer there.

Of course, the Daily Kos thinks this is a grand idea.

We need to get Obama to show his support for Taiwan, and put that on the record. Otherwise he might be tempted to sell-out a good friend.

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