Los Angeles Times ramps up higher tax scheme

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I submit as evidence of the Los Angeles Times tax-hike conspiracy the following:

  1. Yesterday the Times editorial board declared that we must invest (i.e. increase taxes) in California’s future.
  2. Today’s front page headline is “Voters back tax hike for schools“. 64% of voters polled favored tax increases. The highest percentage for tax increases was among Democrats and parents. Next were people earning under $50,000 per year; most of whom don’t pay state income taxes anyway. Just wait until there is an actual plan and I am sure that favored number will drop dramatically.
  3. Tucked inside the same newspaper on page A39 is this doozy. “Billionaires want to put big tax hike on the ballot“. Part of the billionaire proposal is to add a 5% fee on services such as legal and accounting. This sounds nice, except the costs of attorney and accountant services are hidden in everything we purchase. That 5% fee will get passed on to consumers as part of doing business. If the fee applies to interstate or international transactions, the law and accounting firms will be forced to move to a tax-friendly state in order to compete. More high paying jobs will just leave California.

No doubt the Times will continue this drumbeat while employers flee our calamitous state for regions that don’t penalize business.

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