Pox on the White House

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the White House rigged a $443-million sole-source contract for treatment of small pox to a company (SIGA Technologies Inc.) whose majority shareholder is a big Democratic party donor.

Nevermind that it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy on humans with small pox. There are none. Nevermind that the government already has stockpiled enough vaccine to treat everyone in the country. Nevermind that when SIGA complained about price negotiations, the government negotiator was replaced. Nevermind that once competition was eliminated, the company negotiated a much higher price for the drug. Nevermind that this contract could run in to the billions due to the need to replace expired drugs. We have to believe that this is the only alternative despite all the warnings from experts that it is not needed.

Move on. Nothing to see here. Nevermind.

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