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Will there be a Euro rescue?

European banks are in near panic mode as they realise the Euro rescue package announced thus far is inadequate. Foreign governments are hesitant to invest in the currency until more concrete reform steps are taken. The news today is that … Continue reading

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More Secrets by the most transparent administration ever

The Judicial Watch Blog is reporting that the Obama administration “abruptly” sealed all court records related to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The Washington Times has the information on the now-sealed indictment. Even the Federal Judge’s decision on sealing … Continue reading

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The Secret Federal Government Capitalist System

Trading on information is the lifeblood of the capitalist system. Successful stock analysts and mutual fund managers are the rock stars of the financial world. In recent years, large hedge fund managers have been elevated to superstar status. So where does … Continue reading

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A Look Back at Barney Frank

With his announcement yesterday that he will not seek another term in congress, let’s take a look back at the legacy of Barney Frank. First, let’s review the overall picture of the roadblocks the Democrats put up against reform of … Continue reading

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Conservative bloggers find Newt hard to swallow

Now that Newt Gingrich has become the Republican frontrunner, the conservative blogosphere is having second-thoughts about him. Betsy’s Page notes that fellow Republican congressmen that worked with Newt in the 90’s are not endorsing him. She also reminds us how … Continue reading

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Free Office Space and Farmland for Occupy LA Campers

Los Angeles City officials are offering a $1 per year lease of office space and free farmland to the Occupy LA protesters, according to attorney Jim Lafferty from the National Lawyers Guild. This statement is from the LA Times: Lafferty said … Continue reading

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For Sale: Taiwan; Price: $1.14 Trillion; Contact: Barack Obama

Asia Times Online mentions an op-ed in the New York Times that proposes we stop providing military assistance to Taiwan in exchange for the United States bonds held by China. This would be a laughable matter except for the course taken by … Continue reading

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