Oops! The Climate Scientists did it again.

Professor Richard Muller of Berkeley, a so-called global warming skeptic, published a paper that is supposed to show a dramatic rise in global temperatures over the last ten years. The number two author of the research, Professor Judith Curry of Georgia Tech, is furious at Prof Muller for his erroneous conclusions. But the cat was already out of the bag when publications such as The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC, and even Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal shilled this hogwash before researching what Muller was declaring.

The data in the study was available for anyone to interpret. Yet as this article in MailOnline shows using Muller’s own data, there has been no warming over the last ten years.

Unfortunate indeed. The research paper was just starting the process of peer-review. Perhaps Professor Muller wanted to get it out before the next UN Climate Conference; peer-review be damned. This exposed him as an idiot by his colleagues. No matter, he will probably get a Nobel Peace Prize for this. Just ask Al Gore how easy that is.

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