Occupy White House out-of-sync with Occupy Wall Street

Team Obama added a new member to their re-election campaign who was a lobbyist for Wall Street firms such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Comcast, and Microsoft. Broderick Johnson’s most recent sin has been his lobbying on behalf of the Keystone Pipeline for Bryan Cave LLP. This has the Huffington Post in a huff over the administration’s ties to Keystone through Hillary Clinton.

What surprises me is that anybody would be shocked by this development. I remember a time when Bill Gates of Microsoft refused to hire lobbyists. That was before the federal government banged on his door with anti-trust subpoenas. The message from Washington has always been that if you want to play then you’ve got to pay.

So what if the Obama campaign, also known as Re-Occupy White House, wants to hire a Wall-Street-connected lobbyist, that is their right. Just don’t keep complainin’ about the Wall Street fat-cats who are supporting the Republicans. Otherwise the definition of hypocrisy will read “See Democrat”.

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