Stormy Monday or The End of the World as We Know It

The world-medias’ op-ed pages are on bold-type this morning as events in Europe and the Middle-East fulminate.

The Telegraph decries the lack of cohesion in developing a plan to save the Euro. An idea it warned would not work long ago.

The Arab Spring is turning into the Sharia Summer with the announcement that voting in Tunisia will result in an Islamist regime, and as the transitional leader of Libya states his country will adopt the law of repression.

Meantime, back on the home front, Politico explains why the Democrats are winning the fundraising race. Since Republicans desire to reduce government spending and regulation, those that feed on our tax money and survive on reduced competition are putting their money with the other side.

The New York Times is touting the California Cap and Trade law as wonderful progressive values. The next thing you will hear is the sound of moving vans as manufacturers leave the state for friendlier territories.

And finally, you may have noticed that the first paragraph in this story was full of punctuations while the remainder are devoid of such devices. The Wall Street Journal is predicting the demise of punctuation. Some will be replaced by emoticons that emphasize the meaning of a phrase. The Journal says the apostrophe may be doomed. I know from experience that government and commercial databases have a difficult time using a name with apostrophes. My last name is forced to lose its distinction because of illiterate computerization. I wonder what Bill Oreilly thinks of this?

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