Even Christiane Amanpour knows a Bad Deal when it comes to Iraq

The White House announced this week that U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year. While the administration celebrated the news, this is not the outcome that Obama, Hilary, Maliki, or the military wanted. The President, Secretary of State, Iraqi Prime Minister, and the Chiefs of Staff expressed a desire to have U.S. military forces stay in Iraq to help stabilize the region. As Christiane Amanpour stated, “Analysts are already saying this is good news for Iran“.

The U.S. tried but could not get the Iraqi government to agree that our troops would not be subject to the their justice system. No soldier would want to be in this country if they can be set-up on charges by a hostile regime. This weakness in United States diplomacy will leave a void in Iraq’s security that Iran will be eager to take advantage of.

The next candidate for early withdrawal and victory, with a small “v”, is likely to be Afghanistan.

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